C2C-Configuration Engineer – Deerfield, IL – Contract Position

Mohd Zeeshan,
Peritus Inc.
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Configuration Engineer

Deerfield, IL – Contract Position



Rate: $45/hr. to $50/hr.



UNIX , SVN repository and Config /BPD experience is required.

As a configuration engineer, they would be primarily working on BPD activities – a must to have.

The client expectation with this role is super high in terms of environment support and build/package/deployment.


Roles and Responsibilities:

Experience with Development using C, C++, and JAVA

Good Development experience with Branching and merging using SVN * Truck and Branches concepts * Merge between branches or from Branch to Trunk

UI client exposure such as Tortoise (if available)

Software Configuration Management (SCM)

Create / merge SVN & Git branches at the project level

Merge conflict resolution   

Environment Request

Post-deployment branch clean-up

WebApp builds

Local Full Build (no incremental local builds anymore)

Deployments into DEV, TEST, Pilot

WebApp deployments

WSDL deployments

Store allocation

Local / PROMISE/ Central deployments

Pilot deployment coordination

Post-PROD Deployment Lower Env Code Sync-up

Coordinate w/other ConfigEng on timing of DEV/TEST updates

Non-Central 'Disaster Recovery' Env deployments

Coordination of DEV / TEST(Perf) / PROD Env's Setup (required when a Conversion is needed, e.g. IC+, POWER, PROMISE)

Checklist review and maintenance

Ensuring of all steps completion

DEV / TEST Environment Support


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