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Shashank Sharma ,
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Golang Developer

Capital One

Vienna VA

6 Months



Glider test followed by Zoom Video Hire


  • Temporary surge in funding to build an app from ground up.
  • Customer Data management platform for Commercial Tech.
  • Building set of microservices to expose customer data used for all apps in Commercial to utilize to push and pull data.

Technical skills:

  • 90% back end micro services with Golang (need 2+ yrs Golang).
  • Overall 5+ yrs with any other language (prefer java though)—the more the beter.
  • Rest API’s, Git, Jenkins, databases, deploying using Docker.
  • AWS is nice to have.
  • No UI experience necessary but if they do, they would like Angular or React.



Shashank Sharma
Manager- Recruitment


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