Hiring: Java Developer with Angular in Phoenix, AZ

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This Ravi from Sibitalent, I’ve this position from my client, please go through with Job description and let me know your response.


Hiring: Java Developer with Angular

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Duration: 5 months C2H

Client: Shutterfly

USC or GC only

*****Must have experience building Spring Boot microservices from scratch!!

*****50% Front/Backend role Java/Angular


At least 6+ years US professional hands on software development experience, specifically with Java, Angular 2+, Hibernate, Spring, Containorization, MongoDB, and MySQL

 Experience with stream processing in Kafka

• Critical thinking a must

• Site Reliability a huge plus

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical field

• Ability to bridge the gap between disparate systems and technologies

• Must possess an experienced understanding of service-oriented architecture (SOA) and

asynchronous message-based concepts

• Experience knowledge of Design Patterns and comfort with the latest architectural


• Experience with Spring, Spring Boot, and similar frameworks

• Experience with AWS or other cloud services is a plus

• Experience with Kubernetes and Helm

• Strong agreement with high stability, quality, and continuous delivery

• Understanding and some hands-on experience with XML, JSON and/or Web-services

• Familiarity with open-source libraries/frameworks, e.g. Apache, Jakarta, etc.

• Strong experience working in a team and as an individual

• Exemplary communication skills (both written and oral), with experience producing

technical and design documentation of complex processes.

• Ability to troubleshoot, performance tune and understand java memory utilization in code


• Hands-on Experience with e-commerce and/or ticketing systems is a plus

• Understanding of distributed cache/store systems such as Memcached, EhCache, Redis,

HBase, or Cassandra is valued

• Scripting skills, e.g. Perl, shell, etc. is a plus

• Experience with an open source development environment using tools such as Maven,

Git, Eclipse, JIRA, Gradle is a plus

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