Java full stack – Dearborn, MI

Shalini Vy,
VySystems Inc
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Detailed Job Description :




1. Must have strong technical skills and proficient in relevant programming languages.


2. Multi-year experience working in a product team.


3. Team-focused and willing to engage with business partners and can lead team members to drive creation of amazing software products.


4. Full-stack software engineer responsible for all elements of software products with end-to-end accountability.


5. Develops software, often with a paired partner, to deliver user stories that contribute to a valuable working, tested software product.


6. Practices Test Driven Development (TDD) and develops automated tests to confirm software functionality, user story acceptance, and to detect regression defects.


Skills Required:

Java, REST APIs, Spring Framework, Pivotal Cloud Foundry or equivalent, Jenkins, SQL Server
Skills Preferred:



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