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  1. Enhancement and extension of the Enterprise level design and development patterns and practices, based on the foregoing considerations, to facilitate (in priority order):
    1. Delivery of required functionality in accordance with the Agency Project Scope as set forth above.
    2. Maintaining compatibility with future upgrades of the CRM platform.
      1. To include providing direction on upgrading to newer versions and/or to Online (CLOUD) based Microsoft Dynamic CRM
    3. Delivery with the fastest time to market.
    4. Maximizing the CRM footprint on functional delivery – if all things are equal, bias toward CRM.
  2. Design documentation considering the following items:
    1. Entity and Entity Relationship design for DMV services.
      1. New and customized Entities.
      2. Ensuring entity visibility and compatibility with:
        1. ITD business requirements
        2. Reporting cubes
        3. Workflows
        4. Correspondence generation
        5. Other system functions.
    2. User Interface strategy and field-level design guidelines that are intuitive for DMV agents and employees
      1. Auditing
      2. Security
      3. Searching
      4. Type definitions
    3. User Interface-to-Database Object schema strategy.
    4. Workflow design strategy, for DMV processes including, but not limited to Registrations and Titles issuance
      1. Standard workflows.
      2. Parallel workflows.
      3. Branching workflows.
      4. Asynchronous and Synchronous workflows.
    5. Integration strategy with ITD-developed DMV Specialized Services applications, such as Special (vanity) Plates, Document Management and Insurance Verification, among others.
      1. Integration methods and functions with Dynamics CRM.
      2. Line of demarcation between Dynamics CRM and specialized services.
      3. Database strategy for shared objects between Dynamics CRM and DMV Specialized Services.
    6. External interface integration strategies with DMV partners, such as AAMVA, Law Enforcement, etc.
  3. System Sizing
    1. Servers
    2. Storage
    3. Other considerations
    4. Version Upgrade and/or Online (CLOUD) system requirements and migration
  4. Required or Recommended Third Party Components, such as address verification, bulk mail processing, etc.
  5. Data Migration and Data Quality Strategy
    1. Data Cleansing
    2. Entity Merging
    3. Periodic Synchronization
  6. Adherence to and optimization of the Software Development Life Cycle Practices
    1. CRM version control
    2. CRM automated test methodologies
    3. CRM change and release management
  7. Extension of the Infrastructure Design
    1. IIS (Internet Information Services)
    2. SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)
    3. AD (Active Directory)
    4. Email Relay
    5. SQL Database – including column level encryption
    6. SQL Server Data Tools
    7. Log Files
      1. System Logs
      2. Audit Logs
      3. Error Logs
      4. Security Logs

Specific skills

  1. At least 6 years of recent experience in software design and development using C#, Java, ASP.Net, MVC, or combinations thereof.
  2. At least 4 years of recent direct experience with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system in:
    1. A highly customized implementation of the platform
    2. Direct integration with other transaction processing systems
    3. Migration of data from legacy systems as a pre-load of the CRM platform.
    4. Scale and transaction volume equivalent to ITD’s operations (80+ remote offices, 700+ users, and 300K+ transactions per day).
  3. Direct experience in the use of Dynamics CRM in a DMV application is highly desirable and will be given preference over other candidates lacking such experience.
  4. Direct experience with ITD – DMV is highly desirable and will be given preference over other candidates lacking such experience
  5. Direct experience where Enterprise level system design was a primary focus of the paid work experience

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