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Sandip Kumar,
IDC Technologies
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Role: SOLR Engineer

Location: Mooresville, NC

Duration: 12+ Months


Job Description

Must have Skills

· Experience in either SOLR/Elastic Search

· Understanding about ‘keyword search’, natural language search’ and cognitive search

· Understanding on Search platform eco-system Data Connectors, Data Transformation, Data Load, Data Index, Data Query Clients, Data Results Relevancy Modules

· Experience in Customizing search workflows that includes faceted search, keywords search, phrase search, query expansion using synonyms

· Should have strong experience in anyone or more programming languages JAVA or Python

· Experience in RESTful Web Services

· Experience in Java and J2EE/Java EE (including servlets, JSP, JSF, JDBC)

· Strong understanding of Java concurrency, concurrency patterns, experience building thread safe code.

Good to have Skills

· Understanding of AI frameworks like Tensor flow, Keras or Theano

· Data modeling, hypothesis testing, statistical, mathematical, predictive modeling, machine Learning

· Experience with messaging products like RabbitMQ, Kafka or ActiveMQ

· Experience working with DB like Mongo, Casandra etc.

· Experience with development tools like Eclipse, Git, Gradle, Sonar, Jenkins, Jira, Artifactory etc

· Experience with web application servers like Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss etc

· Experience with TDD, code testability standards, JUnit/Mockito

· Strong understanding of OOP, design patterns and industry best practices

· Agile project experience




Sandip Kumar

Direct- 669-271-1619

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