Promotional Mix of Volvo Trucks

Promotional Mix Elements of Volvo Trucks

According to Kotler and Armstrong (2016), the Promotional Mix is a blend or mix of specific things like advertising, public relations (PR), sales promotion and direct marketing tools which the company uses to build a relationship with customers and communicate customer value persuasively. According to Crosier (1994), promotional mix is something which is the combination of communication strategies that the company or organization uses to convey to customer about its benefit and make them influenced to buy their product.

Volvo Truck Promotional Mix
In general, the promotional mix is a combination of various elements like Advertising, Packaging, Publicity, Direct marketing, Sponsorship, Personal Selling and Sales Promotion. In Volvo trucks live test case they wanted to focus not only on Business to Business customers but also normal customer communities who are general public. Volvo understands that more people are interested in their trucks apart from those grey businessmen. They wanted their advertisement to reach their specific target customers and planned their promotional mix in such a way. They didn’t want too many resources to be spent on advertisement.

They came up with direct and digital marketing approach and in this; they took a viral marketing and personal relations strategy. Volvo made an agreement with Forsman & Bodenfors agency to do this promotion. They took viral marketing because they didn’t want to have a big budget than their competitors in the market and they can go forward by outsmarting their competitors by this approach.

According to Sohn (2013), Viral Marketing (VM) is a formal one and it differs from conventional marketing. It is similar to the spreading of virus which happens with a short period of time like the spread of epidemic disease. They also wanted to focus on public relation (PR) where a PR team can be hired or created within them and then improve the organization or company brand name by sharing the information between individuals, organizations and general public.

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