Promotional Mix of Volvo Trucks

Integrated Marketing Communication

According to Kotler (2016), Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is a concept where a company or organization carefully coordinates and integrates all of its existing communication channels to deliver a consistent and clear message. The 4 C’s of IMC shows how the various marketing communication mix has to be coordinated. They are coherence, consistency, continuity and complementary.
The Volvo conducted various live tests to advertise by the viral approach and those videos which they advertised were seen by millions of viewers around the world. They wanted to implant a clear message about what they actually wanted the customer to understand. According to Pickton and Broderick (2004), 4C’s said above are characteristic of integrated marketing communication.

Live Tests Series

Volvo launched its new truck in the year 2012 and with the help of Forsman & Bodenfors they conducted various live test videos and each video was designed in such a way to showcase its new trucks technical aspects. They did six videos and each time they showcased only one specific feature about the truck.

The first one is tight rope walker where a person has to walk across the rope which is tied between two trucks and the trucks are moving at the same time and within few distances, the road is split into two separate tunnels. So the person has to cross before the tunnel. They made this stunt to demonstrate Volvo steering abilities. This Ballerina Stunt was viewed by more than nine million people on You Tube. Volvo released a new video in next year which is called the hook, where they wanted to show the strength of their trucks towing hooks. The president Claes Nilsson of Volvo who directly acted in this video by standing on the top of the truck which is held by the crane in the Swedish port of Gothenburg. This video was watched by more than three million people. The same day Volvo launched yet another video “The technician” where a truck is made to move above the company technician who is buried underground and only his head is seen above the road to show how much the Volvo base is above the road. This video is also viewed by more than nine million people in You Tube across the world.

Later in the year end, they came up with a new video where a hamster is placed inside a wheel and that wheel is attached to truck steering. The driver used to show a carrot and the hamster moves towards the carrot and this makes the steering also to move. This video was made to show how precise is their steering wheel. This hamster stunt video attracted more than six million viewers. In the next month, they released another video where a Volvo truck painted in red is made to move on the Spanish road and they were chased by bulls. This video is made to demonstrate their trucks handling features in that small narrow road. The video was viewed by more than two million people. Till date, the five videos were watched by thirty million people.

Finally, they came up with a new video where famous actor Van Damme made a stunt after a long come back. He was standing in front of two trucks. As the trucks started they made a split and Van Damme was standing between the trucks with his legs wide open. The safety wire was removed from the video editing to show a real thrilling experience. This video was watched by more than seventy-two million viewers all over the world. This was one of the epic videos and totally crossed 100 million views for these six videos. They took this viral marketing concept to advertise them to reach a larger customer group.

The campaign shows the integrated marketing characteristic by going above the classical process of marketing. These videos made customers to involve them in choosing Volvo more than their competitors in the current market. These videos with over 100 million views and 8 million shares in social media made a huge impact. I would like to give 8 out of 10 because they took a huge risk in terms of time by trying a new known method and resulted in huge success for them to be known to potential customers across the world. They made history by becoming a first automobile player having these many huge views.

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