Promotional Mix of Volvo Trucks

Consumer Marketing Approach taken by Live Tests

Consumer Marketing Approach is a plan taken to market the products to your customers because they are the one who makes your product success or failure. So consumer marketing approach has to be planned in such a way that it makes your product into a successful one. In Volvo case, they wanted the plan to be well planned as per current market need. So they made an agreement with Forsman & Bodenfors who refused to work initially, but finally agreed to work for them. Forsman & Bodenfors agency played an important role in this campaign. They made their plan with the contents which outsmarted the current market competition. They moved people attracted towards the company’s media campaigns.

The main objective in this live test advertisement was to make the world to know about Volvo’s new truck in a cost-effective way. Both the client as well as the agency worked together to make their advertisement to achieve its success. They came to know that the target group is diverse. Because, the trucks can be bought by an individual driver as well as a big company owner who buy it in bulk orders. But the individual buyer’s count and the owner’s count may tradeoff. So they have to consider both of them into consideration.

The videos which they made reached more customers without much investment unlike traditional marketing. The company sales team also used these videos when they made some business to business deal with big owners of other companies. The public relations team worked on the data and issued press releases and made it advertised online to news media. Then this news is further shared by blogs and so on.

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