Promotional Mix of Volvo Trucks

Business to Business Marketing

Volvo conducted research by doing some survey in Europe and by going to various truck stops to have a quick talk with truck drivers. From the research, they realized that there is a heart and brain side to buy the truck. So Volvo decides to treat the target group as humans. The customers who are driving the truck had the heart and the engineers who were making the trucks had the brains. Both of them has to be combined together to achieve their goal. But this approach cannot be made only to Business to Business marketing. Because Volvo has both businesses to consumer and business to business market. So for only Business to Business marketing, it is not feasible.

Challenges faced by Volvo Trucks in Maintaining the Success

Volvo Trucks faced challenges in maintaining their success after they achieved their 100 million views and 8 million shares. Because they were well established brand, they had to keep up the good name else they will lose their name which they created in these many years. The first challenge is to maintain their fan base. Because of these viral videos they acquired a huge fan base but now maintaining them is a huge challenge.

According to Manjur (2015), they created various other series after this, but they were watched by only two million peoples and in less than 50 countries. They also started a reality show with eight episodes where star Mapei rides a truck in Europe while recording her music album. The company with these advertisements they made around 126 million worth of earned media. Because of these advertisements, their sales increased and they made a good profit. Their return on investment (ROI) was very high compared to its competitors.

Now they have to maintain their presence in the market to achieve sales and also need to increase it. They also need to keep and maintain their creativity and good work in their advertisement. Because they provided six good advertisements now their creativity level has to be maintained or increased in order to increase the view else it will result in a drop in their views which will automatically affect their market and sales.

The last one is they have to go along with the current social media advertisements. They should also be available in various social media to maintain their presence in the market. Nowadays people mind changes quickly. Good news will just add additional value. But if they find single bad news it will totally affect the company name which they created so long.

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