Urgent Need for Certified Scrum Master (633071) Raleigh, NC.

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Crystaldata systems
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Please let me know your level of interest for this  position. Please reply me with Filled skill matrix and updated resume.

Job Title : Certified Scrum Master (633071)

Location: Raleigh, NC.

Engagement Type :11 + Months

Interview Type : Web Cam Interview Only.

Client : State of  North Carolina..  LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY 

Job Description:

The NC Community College System is seeking an experienced Certified Scrum Master & Transformational Change Leader to provide coaching, mentoring and transformational leadership for multiple scrum teams in an application development environment.

The manager would like to see only candidates that are local to the Raleigh, NC area for this position. The candidate will be allowed to work remotely until staff return to site. However, please submit local candidates.

The NC Community College System is comprised of the System Office, located in Raleigh, NC, and 58 community colleges across North Carolina.

The Technology Solutions & Distance Learning Division Delivers quality business products and services aligned with the System’s strategic goals and objectives. Our solutions are built by knowledgeable people on a foundation of “IT concrete and steel” formed from modern, innovative technologies and transformative business processes. Security is baked into every IT solution so we can maintain the trust and confidence of our students, faculty, and staff. We will continually improve based on a new and measurable performance baseline, and we will unravel years of legacy code, hardwired interfaces and business rules entombed deep into the logic of yesterday’s systems and thinking. We strive daily to enable the success of the State of North Carolina and the nation’s most effective institution of higher education, training, and workforce development

The Challenges we face

–           Get the ERP program off the ground and moving

–           The perceptions that IT has too many people relative to other division’s in the SO

–           System-wide perception that IT is too expensive (no sense of relative value)

–           “Why do all IT Projects Fail?” (Leadership, Process and Rebranding)

–           “All IT Projects get lost in a Black hole” (Leadership, Process and Rebranding)

–           Create Transparency (Leadership, Process and Rebranding)

–           Create diversity (HR) (Leadership and Process)

–           Develop a learning organization (Leadership and Process)

–           The Colleges and System in general lack confidence in the SO’s ability to successfully lead IT Projects (Leadership, Process and Rebranding)

–           Fix the data warehouse now (Leadership, Process, and Rebranding)

 What We Provide – Deliver Quality IT Products and Services to Meet Business Needs (People, Process, Technology)

Enterprise Knowledge, Skills, and Capabilities (Example KSA’s and Contracts)

•           Division qualifications and process certifications (non-inclusive)

–           Agile – Scrum (100%), PMP (Program Management), ITIL, NIST, IT Procurement, Information Security (CISSO), QMS (Quality Management), TOGAF, and Integration

•           Business Systems Analysts

–           Full range of College business operations and student services expertise

–           Lean Six Sigma, CAPM Certified

•           IT System and Network Engineering, Security, and Administration

–           Solaris, Linux, Windows, Cisco, Microsoft 365 (Email, SharePoint, Teams, etc.)

–           Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

•           Data Warehouse and information management system handling

•           Application Development

–           Colleague ERP (Unidata/Unibasic).

–           Modernized AppDev approach and technology stack with Apex (Salesforce), Java, JavaScript, Angular JS (ServiceNow), SQL, C++, Python, and Dell Boomi (integration)

We provide: Broadband internet and network assessments (MCNC), ERP system applications, training, and support (Student information System, Short-term Workforce Development, Business and Finance, Financial Aid, Apprenticeship, Customized Training, Common Course Library, High School Equivalency, Adult Education, HR/Payroll, etc.), Learning Management System (LMS, Blackboard, Moodle, Accessibility and plagiarism), The Integrated Library System, Learning Objects and other Online Educational Resources (OER), and Security Education and Awareness training (KnowB4)

The ideal candidate will simultaneously coach these application development teams to facilitate and guide our agile development environment.  Outcomes would lead to maturing the team’s knowledge, skills and abilities using Agile/Scrum, continual improvement in processing updates to the System ERP template, guiding development of new products/projects and increased team ownership and delivery of acceptable, usable products.

Expected Skills (additional details of skills on Skills tab):

The ideal candidate will demonstrate a strategic view and bring both an expert knowledge of Agile processes and development, but also provide the division with expert professional coaching, mentorship, teaching, and facilitation across four quadrants: mindset, practices, relationship/culture, and environment. 

The ideal candidate should be experienced in complex environments in which most Agile teams (and Agile coaches) operate. Able to work without assistance and minimal directional guidance from executive leadership. Operate as an extension of executive leadership, and able to provide leadership/mentorship to others while they manage highly complex work efforts. May have advanced education and extensive industry experience.

The ideal candidate will also have a proven track record of planning and leading transformational change within the entire technology organization.

Description of duties (including, but not limited to):

1. Coach and mentor teams, which will lead to increased knowledge and full-ownership and commitment by teams to the agile software development framework, including focus on partnership with the product owner, stakeholders and IT teams to meet committed project goals that support business objectives

2. Guide and coach the project team and organization on how to use Agile and/or Project Management best practices to deliver business value with quality.

3. Assess the maturity of the teams, team members, and organization and provide road map to move the team to higher levels of maturity, at a pace that is sustainable and comfortable for the team and organization

4. Demonstrate best practices for removing impediments, escalating issues, and guiding the team to resolution.

5. Partner with agile teams’ way to build an environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution, or being judged, with an emphasis of critical thinking and problem solving.

6. Partner with agile teams and project sponsor/product owner on preferred ways to develop scope, priority, and anticipated deliverables

7. Provide best practices to both agile teams and the program management office to drive team reporting responsibilities in systems of record and key status reporting mechanisms in support of PMO

8. Provide best practices for internal and external communication, promoting end-to-end project leadership including release and change management, and successful transition to operations and maintenance.





Years Used

Last Used

Certified Agile Scrum Master


Governmental Enterprise Transformation Experience



Complex IT Project Management Experience



Strong facilitation, situational awareness, conflict resolution skills



Excellent communication and collaboration skills



Guide others to resolve multiple, and at times competing priorities and appropriately balance delivery and expectations with all levels of leadership



Adaptive/flexible leadership focused on meeting business needs using a variety of techniques and practices



Demonstrated experience as a collaborative leader who promotes resource growth and has a proven track record of delivery



Project Leadership experience in a variety of different contexts



Excellent communication and collaboration skills























Vir Yadav

Sr. Technical Recruiter

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NJ 08053

Direct: 609-479-9125   Fax: 773-409-3875


G-Talk: veer. Crystal

NJSBE Certified- Certified Small Business in NJ

WBENC Certified- Certified Women Owned Business

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