API APIGEE Sr. Developer – Warren, NJ – 6+ Months Contract

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Kindly let me know and send me your updated resume ASAP along with contact details if you are interested in this on-site position.


Position: API APIGEE Sr. Developer

Location: Warren, NJ

Duration: 6+ Months Contract


Work Authorization: US Citizen, GC, GC EAD, H1B

NOTE:  This role will be remote until the virus situation is resolved then will be on-site.


Job Description


API Development – Candidate Requirements

API Specification

Experience of analyzing business and technical interface     requirements related to APIs

Ability to classify API function into discrete categories, such as experience APIs, process APIs and System APIs

Knowledge and experience to identify re-use in APIs and design API specifications as Necessary

Ability to define an API specification to Open API Specification format (Swagger)

Knowledge of best practice design with APIs; resource naming, verb usage, URI params Vs query params

Design of reusable datatypes/models and return data formats

Creation of example data output

Ability to clearly describe the functions of APIs in text and using common specification

Work with product owners and API consumers (developers) to review API specification Input/output and refine as necessary


API Creation

Usage of API stub/scaffold code creation tools, like Swagger Codegen, direct from Specification

Experience in coding in preferred GSK programming languages, Java, nodejs, possibly Some limited others

Experience of common preferred frameworks, such as Spring Boot and other commonly Used libraries

Ability to use and understand creation of reusable samples and templates

Knowledge of facilities for integration of backend resources using standard open source Libraries or standard APIs (such as Azure Service SDKs)

Experience of build toolchains associated with preferred GSK programming languages, E.g. Java maven

Ability to follow and define operational features for APIs, such as status availability endpoints


CH Tech Innovation and Platforms

Ability to conform to GSK published technical specifications for development and API Internal operational management requirements, such as logging, metrics, tracing and Others

Follow requirement to ensure all code passes code scanning, and is secure by default

Ensure appropriate quality coding by performing peer code reviews

Knowledge of automated testing techniques, and requirement to include unit and Integration testing as code (min 80% code coverage expected)

Experience of requirements of API Management platforms in interfacing with deployed APIs, e.g. security, API-key validation

Experience in creating client SDK stubs and samples for API consumer use.


API Build and Deployment

Expected ability to create automated deployment build steps to deploy to Azure

Knowledge of GitHub and ensure all code is stored solely on GSK GitHub resources

Knowledge of Azure DevOps pipelines and configuring build pipelines

Knowledge of requirements for Azure DevOps pipelines to automatically deploy to Azure (e.g. service principals).


API Management and Monitoring

Knowledge of online tools for API Specification creation, such as Swagger UI, Google Apigee Develop or Mule soft Design Centre

Knowledge of API governance requirements and procedures

Experience in designing and deploying API platform governance controls and Implications on APIs

Experience of managing multiple environments

Knowledge of best practice for creating content for GSK Developer Portals

Experience of integrating with availability monitoring tools, in the API platform and External.


Thanks & Regards,

Bryan Patel

Senior Technical Recruiter

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