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Hemendra Kumar,
IDC Technologies
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Cloud Linux admin

Norristown, PA

12 Months



Responsibilities of the Linux Admin includes but not limited to:

•           Support cloud-based solution by building and managing infrastructures in AWS

•           Strong Linux command line skills and network duties

•           Configuration, maintenance, monitoring and support of Linux web applications

•           Apache web server administration/configuration skills

•           Apache Tomcat administration/configuration/performance skills

•           Java-based web applications administration/configuration skills

•           Knowledgeable in relational database software and concepts, specifically Oracle, MYSQL, and Postgres

•           Experience with supporting Cloud and SaaS applications and SSO a definite advantage

•           Promotion and evangelization of DevOps best practices (CI, CD, automated testing, branching strategy, decoupling, etc…)

•           Simplification and improvement of software delivery/release processes

•           Monitor and fix issues identified or reported

•           Minor development for internal services and automation needs

•           Interactions with development teams for task scheduling, clarification and implementation

•           Participate in production incident resolution

Preferred Qualifications:

•           6+ years of Linux Admin experience

•           3 years of working experience with automation tools to build and integrate software, e.g. Jenkins, Docker, Packer, GIT/Bitbucket

•           3 years of working experience in Linux system administration, e.g. Ubuntu Linux, RedHat

•           3 years of working experience on AWS services, e.g. EC2, IAM, EMR, SNS/SQS, etc…

•           3 years of working experience scripting languages (Python, Bash) and data format languages (Json, Yaml)

•           3 years of working experience on Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-Code tools, e.g. Ansible, Terraform

•           2 years of working experience on cloud-native software architectures based on microservices, e.g. autoscaling, service discovery

•           2 years of working experience on Docker and Kubernetes

•           2 years of working experience on Monitoring, e.g. ELK, BMC Patrol, Nagios, Big Brother




Hemendra Kumar

Sr. technical recruiter – IDC Technologies




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