Immediate Need – Java Full Stack Developer – Princeton, NJ – USC only

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Job Title: Java Full Stack Developer
Location: Princeton, NJ
Duration: Long-Term

Job Description

Looking for USC only & Candidate must be local to East Coast area

NodeJS Developer . Glider Assessment + Mandatory LinkedIn profile for candidates

• Proficiency in server-side programing with Node.js

• Experience with NoSQL like Graph DB or MongoDB and relational databases

• Proficiency in integrating production grade Node.js applications with REST endpoints and NoSQL/Graph DB engines

• Proficiency in integrating production grade Node.js application with CI pipelines (git, Jenkins)

• Proficiency in deploying production grade Node.js application with Continuous Delivery and Deployment mechanisms, including A/B testing, Canary deployments etc

• ES6/JavaScript proficiency and understanding of JavaScript Design patterns, transpires and module bundlers.

• Familiarity with frontend development: HTML5, CSS3 and various frontend frameworks

• Sound knowledge of ECMAScript specification.

• Understanding of Object-oriented programming, asynchronous and functional programming.

• Proficiency in Oauth2/SAML/OIDC authentication and authorization mechanisms between multiple systems, servers, and environments.

• Robust debugging skills and knowledge of automated testing platforms and unit tests.

• Strong experience with BDD/TDD frameworks for Node.js applications

• Strong experience with validating and verifying REST based Node.js applications using Postman etc tools

• Huge plus:

Experience in building cross platform desktop apps using Electron.

• Experience with AWS services especially Lambda and API Gateway

• Ability to work in an agile collaborative environment.

• Strong analytical skills, problem solving aptitude and good communications skills.


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