Java req for Pittsburgh, PA or Brookfield, WI

Resourcesys, Inc.
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Senior Java Developer

Pittsburgh PA or Brookfield WI.



The things in Bold are the major things needed


Sr Java Developer skills/ requirements needed to support Applications:


  • Expert in distributed systems application development and current technologies.
  • Significant Cloud/PaaS/SaaS Development Experience.
  • Expert with Java 1.8, Spring, Spring Boot, Microservices, API’s, Maas, Angular, Android, AppDynamics, Oracle, Redis.
  • Excellent coding and documentation practices, etc.
  • High attention to detail, pride yourself on delivering high quality, intuitive software.
  • Collaborative approach to problem solving and decision making.
  • Experience with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) using Jenkins or similar CI tooling.
  • Scripting in Python, Bash or similar.
  • Experience with Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, or other Docker orchestration offerings.
  • Experience with the Linux operating system.
  • Git-based source control repositories.
  • Experience with managing private and public Cloud deployments of applications.
  • Creative thinker, problem solver, can figure out things on their own or pair up when needed, curious/ inquisitive, offers suggestions/ alternatives.
  • Enthusiastic, outgoing, positive personality, team player, excellent communications, enjoys mentoring/ teaching/ challenging others and sharing knowledge.
  • Wants to be a differentiator on the team.
  • Ability to jump in, get up to speed, and add value to the team quickly.



Primary Responsibilities:


  • Work alongside the Development, Engineering, and DevOps teams in an Agile environment to support CI pipelines with security best practices as well as ensuring perimeter security of applications.
  • Provision resources, choose an appropriate deployment model, coordinate testing to validate releases, and monitor performance/ health post-release.
  • Manage and maintain software defined infrastructure environment, configuration and build scripts for production environment.
  • Maintain operational stability; enforce security measures, testing, development and deployment of new Infrastructure related technologies.
  • Track and monitor the usage/ consumption of Infrastructure specific services; ensure performance and SLA adherence.
  • Coordinate all production systems, information systems, and technology infrastructure necessary to support application/ platform prior to deployment.
  • Monitor all events that occur and detect and escalate exception conditions during CI and CD process where Infrastructure impacts applications/ platform.
  • Commitment to continuous learning and improvement of self-development and quality strategies.
  • Apply security to cloud technologies (Managing security, Securing CD pipeline, Secure Infrastructure as Code, Container Security etc.).

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