Looking for APIGEE or APIGEE developer portal need in NC

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Looking for APIGEE / APIGEE developer portal need in NC

Request ID: 58928-1
Work Location: Durham, NC 27708
Job Title: IT – Technology Lead | Mobility – Cross Platform Development | Mobility – Cross Platform Development – ALL
Rate: 55 to 60 max

•    Around 5 Years of Experience
•    Good Communication and Articulation skills
•    Apigee Platform Development Experience (like setting up Apigee Gateway, defining framework, JWT, security like OAUTH 2.0 etc.).
•    Extensive Working knowledge of Apigee Edge Tool.
•    API proxies using various mechanisms like API Key, OAuth, LDAP and Content Protection policies in Apigee Edge
•    Knowledge of API Development
•    Documenting API’s in Apigee Developer portal
•    Knowledge of Swagger Documentation
•    Knowledge of Apigee Trace Tool, Monitoring, Analytics & Caching
•    Drupal knowledge would be a plus
•    Basic Knowledge of Cloud Technologies – Azure
•    Java knowledge is needed for building CICD Pipelines

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