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Mobile Developer


6+ Months

Rate : $40-50/hr

Phone/Skype Hire


Any Visa is OK !!


Requirements :

•             3+ months of advanced flutter usage

•             1+ year developing data-driven applications using react native or cross platform technologies

•             3+ years of professional app development experience in general

•             Solid understanding of network layer development using RESTful APIs

•             Solid understanding of data persistence techniques and best practices

•             Competent with Git and Gitlab/Github (rebasing, merge conflict resolution, branching)

•             Competent with Flutter state management techniques – using BLoC, Redux, or Provider

•             Expert in a mobile development language – Dart, Swift, Kotlin, Java, Objective-C

•             Experience with CI/CD workflows and systems – Travis, Jenkins, Gitlab, etc

•             Experience with threaded/asynchronous environments

•             Solid understanding of complex, module-based app architectures

•             Fundamentals in object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithm design, problem solving, and complexity analysis

•             Ability to provide innovative, creative solutions to tasks/problems

•             Ability to operate in Agile / Scrum development environments


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