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Position: ReactJS Developer

Location: Mountain View, CA

Duration: 6 months


Job Description:

Required Skill for Front End Developers:

  • Strong coding skills on React, should be able to code search pages in a day’s time.
  • Strong on fundamentals of React Features.
  • State Management
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Props Usage
  • Design Patterns
  • Should be able to write beautiful code with DRY principles.
  • Good handle on unit testing and integration testing using Jest and React Testing Framework, knowledge of Cypress is a plus.
  • Possess expert knowledge Unit Testing or any other testing framework.
  • Good knowledge on advanced JavaScript and ES6 functions.


Required Skill

Self-Rating (out of 10)

React – Hands on for recent 2 – 3 years (Yes / NO)


Describe – Work done related to React Features

(Virtual DOM, JSX, Components, conditional statements and lifecycle methods, JSX)


Experience with State Management

( “Graphql – Apollo client ” is plus point )


Experience with AWS/Devops exp


Experience with Props Usage


Experience with Container Pattern


Experience with DRY principles


Experience with HOC Pattern


Describe – Possess expert knowledge on testing framework

(ZEST is Must, Cypress is plus point)


Good knowledge on advanced JavaScript and ES6 functions.

Java script – 3+ years and ES6 – 2+ years


Thanks & Regards

Karan Kharbanda

US IT Recruiter 

HMG America LLC

Direct: 9253885531

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