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Position: SDE/SDET
O Fallon, MO

Employment Type-Contract  


Additional notes- I’ve looked at the SDET candidates. Somewhat of a similar response. We really need someone who was a java developer for a year or two and then moved into testing.



Job Description:

What is the name of your group and what is your team’s main responsibility?- Loyalty Rewards. Engineering Software development for Rewards Program


· How does that fit into the overall Mastercard organization? –Rewards is part of the DNS organization.


· What is the culture of your team?– A welcoming, hard-working scrum and up-beat scrum team that is innovative in delivering business objective


· What will a typical work day look like for this contractor? – Coding, and collaboration with the team.


· What will the work schedule be?  8-5


· Will this position require OT? (OT is not included in an assignment’s budget)– unlikely, can be approved with exception.


· Will there be any travel involved?– No.


· What are your top 3 required technical skills? —Java, Spring Boot, SQL


· What are a couple of desired/nice to have skills?– PCF, Cloud native principles, Jenkins, automation


· What soft skills would you like to see in a candidate? –Good communication, adaptive, and good aptitude.


· Is there anything that would automatically disqualify a candidate?  –Disruptive behaviors or too much hand-holding needed



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